Československý Lloyd

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  • Vessel or Yacht Registration
  • CE Marking

Certificate Validity


Dangerous goods

Classification of dangerous goods and testing of containers designated for transportation.

The Czechoslovak Lloyd is registered with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in London as an entity authorized conduct classification of dangerous goods for transport, in accordance with international agreement IMDG Code. Other than being authorized to conduct classification of dangerous goods for sea transport, the CS Lloyd is also delegated to carry out the classification for transport by road (ADR) rail transport (RID), inland waterways (ADN) and air transportation (IATA DGR). We issue one integrated certificate for all types of transportation.

Dangerous goodsWe are accredited for testing of containers, large containers and IBC containers for the transport of dangerous goods, pursuant to international conventions IMDG Code, ADR, RID, ADN and IATA DGR and also according to the UN Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods. We offer comprehensive technical solutions within the framework of the sea, river, air, and road and rail transportation.




Price List (Classification of explosives - Class 1)


 Activity Classification Tests Certificate
  Classification 1. regulation 14 450,-  as per extent 2 500,- 
  Classification - additional regulation 2 500,-  Included in the price of 1st regulation 1 500,- 


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