Československý Lloyd

will arrange for you:

  • Vessel or Yacht Registration
  • CE Marking

Certificate Validity


Testing of welders and WPQR

Testing of welders and the issuing of WPQR

Czechoslovak Lloyd is authorized by CWS ANB (CZECH NATIONAL WELDING SOCIETY Authorized NATIONAL BODY) to conduct tests of welders, soldering and welding operators within the scope of the annex to certificate No. ANB / VA 2/04 from the CIA as a test organization No. 12. Examiners have the professional eligibility given by their education (IWE, EWE or I / EWE), years of experience in the field and a valid Decree Of Appointment from the CWS ANB. Certificates issued by us Attestations and certificates resulting from the testing of welders are recognized worldwide.

Ship Within the scope of our authority, we can offer:

  • final exams of metal welders, soldering and welding operators according to ČSN 050705, ČSN EN 287-1, ČSN EN ISO 9606-2, ČSN EN 13133, ČSN EN 1418 a ČSN EN ISO 17660-1,2in welding schools in the system of CWS ANB, or directly on the premises of companies
  • issuing of attestations, certificates, certificates of welding tests of welders, including duplicates
  • issuing of the Protocols of the welding procedure qualification (WPQR) according to ČSN EN ISO 15607
  • organizing seminars for welding technicians of welding schools and businesses – graduates shall receive a Welding Technician Designation.

Issuing of WPQR

We are accredited to issue certificates of approval of welding procedures WPQR. Required certificates shall be issued after the tests in accredited testing facilities and within short terms.


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