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Marine Yachts

Marine yachts - registration under the flag of the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic.

"Marine Yacht is a naval vessel, whose hull length exceeds 2.5 meters but does not exceed 24 meters, is equipped with sails or engine or both, designated for maritime navigation for hire and for profit” - thus dryly says the provision of a statute. So, if you do own and operate a marine yacht and decide to sail the seas under the of Czech or Slovak flags, the vessel must be registered in the maritime register maintained by the country flying the ship’s flag.

Ship CS Lloyd is authorized to carry out technical supervision and inspection of any yachts and recreational vessels up to 24 meters in length. Provided that the vessel meets the technical requirements of construction and equipment, we guarantee its registration under the Czech flag, regardless of its origin, age and types of documentation available to you. If your yacht is located abroad, we will process the registration without need of your personal visit to the Maritime Administration.

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