Československý Lloyd

will arrange for you:

  • Vessel or Yacht Registration
  • CE Marking

Certificate Validity


Industrial Inspection

We are an inspection company accredited to o carry out independent inspections in the field of engineering, production of materials and welded products and structures.

imageWe operate a network of our own exclusive inspectors, supplemented by contractual external inspectors in the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland, Hungary and Croatia. Our inspectors studied at universities specialized in maritime or structural engineering fields. Many of them had already worked in engineering capacities. The average length of experience is more than 15 years.

Basic scope of inspection (engineering products):

  • approval of documentation and processes, according to which the product is to be tested (to customer specifications, international standards or other contractual arrangements)
  • basic assessment of the manufacturer's production system and assessment of his internal control procedures
  • supervision of the production of materials and an off -take of test samples
  • supervision of material testing
  • approval of welding procedures (if applicable)
  • visual inspection of finished parts or final product
  • monitoring the implementation of non-destructive tests or the non-destructive inspection by own resources
  • dimension control of manufactured parts or finished product with required allowances and precision
  • pressure and functional tests of the final product (if applicable)
  • performing special controls requested by the client (e.g., continuous monitoring of the manufacturing process according to a timetable)


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