Československý Lloyd

will arrange for you:

  • Vessel or Yacht Registration
  • CE Marking

Certificate Validity


Recreational Vessels

Complete Service for Vessel Registration

Czechoslovak Lloyd is authorized for inspections of recreational vessels that are required for vessel registration in the Marine Vessel Registry or the State Navigation Administration, both for the Czech and Slovak flags. In addition the inspection of the vessel, we offer a service of administering the registration with the pertinent offices in your absence, thus saving you money for the trip to Prague or Bratislava.
Based on the accreditation from the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic and Croatia, we also issue registration cards for vessels smaller than 2.5 m (usually rubber boats with outboard motor), which are required by the Croatian authorities for navigation in coastal waters. The price for issuing a registration card is 700, - CZK.

ShipIf you intend to operate a vessel on inland waterways or sail in coastal waters within a distance of 0.75 sea miles from the shore, registration with the State Navigation Administration will be sufficient. For the registration of vessels with the State Navigation Administration, a CE marking is required. If the vessel was brought into the Czech Republic without the CE marking, we will help you to obtain it.

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