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  • Vessel or Yacht Registration
  • CE Marking

Certificate Validity


CE Marking

CE Marking

The Czechoslovak Lloyd Company is notified and authorized body for the assessment of conformity of recreational vessels in accordance with European Directive 2013/53/EU (Government Decree 96/2016 Coll.), that is, authorized to "grant" the CE marking to all types of recreational vessels ranging from 2.5 m to 24 m in length, water scooters, partly manufactured vessels and their components, such as built in or outboard motors, fuel tanks and hoses, steering systems and prefabricated hatches and windows. Links to the relevant notification within the scope of the EU can be found here.

CE markingThe Czechoslovak Lloyd is the only company based in the Czech Republic, which is authorized for compliance evaluation of recreational vessels.

Assessment of Ships Imported from Third Countries.

If you intend to bring a yacht or personal vessel from a country outside of the European Union, we can provide an additional compliance assessment of the vessel based on perusal of documentation, strength calculation, and stability and buoyancy tests. We also measure the noise level. We take pride in the client access, which means that we work quickly, within short deadlines, and our inspectors will be your partners, helping to solve technical problems.


Individual rates for assessment vary according to the size and type of the vessel, the availability of documentation and the feasibility of practical tests. Assessment rates for vessels which are individually imported range from 15 000 to 45 000 CZK.

Československý Lloyd uses in the assessment according to RCD 2013/53/EU flexible scope of accreditation according to EN ISO 17065:2012.


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